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Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power


Generating Internal Energy
Generating Internal Energy
Generating Internal Energy
Generating Internal Energy
Generating Internal Energy
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Generating Internal Energy
Generating Internal Energy
Generating Internal Energy

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Listen to what some of our customers have to say about our programs and methods.

When I first saw the ad for the Chi Power Plus on the Internet; I was, as most people probably are, a bit skeptical about the internal energy training, but as I read about the abilities of the Chi Power Practitioner something seemed a bit familiar. I kept looking over the Internet and in martial arts books on the subject of internal energy training, and I also kept studying every bit of information that was given on the SPC-USA website.

After several weeks of study I decided to finally get the course. Once I had sent in the payment and everything, I waited anxiously for the package to arrive so that I could get started with my training. After a few weeks, the materials arrived and started my training right away. After the first few days of training, I felt something very familiar with what I was doing in the training program, like something I had forgotten many years ago. I asked my parents about this, that is when I found out that when I was a young child I had been able to move objects, change channels on the television without using the remote, and also having some sort of telepathy with the people that I was closest to.

As the years had gone on I apparently lost these abilities and had forgotten about them or possibly blocked them out of my mind. Once I learned about this I started my training with a new look at it; I once had these abilities and I wanted to get them back and be able to control them so as not to intrude on another's privacy or hurt someone. However, with my work schedule being as it is, I was not able to train every day as it is recommended. I trained as often as I could though, and I saw results in just a short time.

After just two or three weeks after starting my training, I was able to put out the candle on my first try. Now that I have gotten used to my work schedule I am able to train almost every day, and I have recently gone on to moving objects such as a straw hanging from a piece of thread, and I am currently working on moving slightly larger object such as a small Nerf ball. I know that with practice and training, I will be able to regain the abilities that I lost so long ago and I will be able to use them to help others. The Chi Power Plus program is truly as it says, the most scientifically advanced energy development program on the planet.

I have recommended this course to friends and family, and after seeing the techniques I have learned from this course, my fiance has started training with me and she loves the benefits she has already gotten from this course. This course is truly a wonder and I will continue to buy future courses brought out by SPC-USA. And I will definitely continue to use the mentoring to stay in touch with you, to increase my training.

Thanks again.

Matthew C. Allen, Alabama

Chi Power TestimonialI have been using SPC-USA's products for the past 4 years. Being very interested in the martial arts (Tai Chi and Kenjutsu). I have found their Advanced Chi Building courses very fulfilling, as Chi Kung is essential for any martial endeavor and advancement.

However, just as important as their products, the instruction and dedication as provided by Mr. Perhacs and Mr. Jones is what makes SPC USA’s products truly worthwhile.

Through their tutelage and meditation/chi cultivation techniques and exercises, I have grown in ways I never truly expected, and have found new and profound control over myself, and thus, my surroundings. Most important in this expansion has been my understanding of the “autosuggestion” and self-control through personal mind control.

The techniques involved in addressing the subconscious has enabled me to find success in every aspect of my life, be it business, athletics, or romantic pursuits; proper thought in conjunction with the proper energy creates the desired effect or response from your environment.

It’s really that simple. And although it has taken quite a bit of time to not only get the concepts down, but to actually execute them, the SPC USA training staff has been very patient in their mentoring, understanding that with hard work and diligence, baby steps turn into great athletic strides. By doing the work, and verifying their claims through my own research, I have found their words and intentions to not only be true, but selfless.

I whole-heartedly support and endorse SPC USA; they represent to me an answered prayer. The amount of knowledge and dedication with which they pursue these often overlooked or misguided concepts is without comparison. I honestly believe it would behoove anyone interested in these metaphysical arts and concepts to begin study with SPC USA as soon as possible; the gains and fruits behind their curriculum will exceed your expectations.

Don Emmanuel (New Mexico)

Chi Power TestimonialMy name is Charles Dragoo and I have been a practitioner of the Chi-Power Plus now for Three Years. I am a Martial Arts Instructor, teaching Wing Chun and the Internal Arts. I want to say that the Chi-Power Plus program will get you the desired results in the shortest amount of time.

As a result of the training in the Chi-Power Plus, I can do many things that others only dream of doing. I can use the Chi to repel an attacker from a distance of 15 to 20 feet, Manipulate the movements of others using Chi, Move objects such as Cotton Balls hanging from a string, Run very long distances with no wear down, heal myself and others of pains, minor or major, and much, much more...

To me, the most important area of the Chi-Power Plus is the Standing Meditation and the Blood Washing. The Blood Washing can be done physically or with the mind alone. I have just began doing it with only my mind and the results are amazing.

If you would like to experience any the above, please try it out and see for yourself that it Really works.

Charles Dragoo (South Carolina)

I'd just like to say a word or two on your Advanced Chi Power Training methods. The exercises are great! They'll allow you to really feel the power of your chi energy. The exercises in the Advanced Chi Video gave me that little something extra that I needed for breaking and Iron Palm.

These courses are a worthwhile investment for home study purposes. These exercises will increase your overall energy. These exercises are not found elsewhere. The instructors are willing to help if you have questions. These courses have really come in handy, because there are no Chinese Martial Arts schools in our area.

Thank you,
J.A. Deluca (Omaha, NE)

I originally purchased the "Chi Power Plus" course back around 1993 for about $60. As it turned out, I had the wrong attitude at the time and did not give the course a fair chance. I went through the printed material and the tape exercises a few times, but I felt like the entire thing was just a big hoax. Ten years later, I reviewed some material that dealt with removing both physical and psychological problems through the use of taping specific pressure points in a particular sequence.

This reminded me of the Chi Power Plus pressure point poster (a.k.a. the "Redman") that I had received a full decade ago in 1993. After having some success with the pressure point material, I decided to dig up my old "Chi Power Plus" course and give it another whirl. Well, as you can imagine, after 10-years and 3-moves, the course was lost. The only item I could locate was the original audio cassette tape. I contacted SPC-USA and told them my story and Mr. Perhacs offered to send me the material that I had lost FREE OF CHARGE. I was so surprised that he was willing to do this, that I decided to purchase all the new material that had become available since 1993 so I ordered the "Chi Power Value Pack".

Since I had previously purchased the Chi Power Plus course, Mr. Perhacs reduced the price of the Value Pack by $60 on his own accord. I received the new material around February 15th, 2003 and I have been performing the exercises every day for 3-weeks now. This time around, I eliminated the Focus exercises ( Ringing Chimes, Putting out the candle, moving objects, etc..) during the initial training stages so I would not screw up my belief factor and sabotage my efforts psychologically. Instead, I concentrated on building my Chi through the "Blood Washing", "Standing Meditation", "Tense & Relax", "Chi Breath Rhythm", "Lying Meditation" and "Organ Balancing" exercises. I figured it was pointless to try the other exercises until I could feel or sense my Chi energy. Being in relatively good health, this took much more time than I had originally anticipated. In fact, after doing this routine everyday for two weeks, I still could not feel the Chi, but I knew it was working! For one, I was feeling better than I had felt in years.

This sense of "well being" alone was already well worth the small investment I made in the course. The second thing that convinced me I was making progress happened when my wife walked in on one of my Chi Power workouts. As soon as she opened the door to my training room, she was hit with a wave of energy that nearly made her pass out. She had nausea and a headache for 2-hours after that short encounter so I knew that something was definitely going on! Another timely event that helped with my belief factor was the airing of two programs ( "The Way of the Warrior" and "Inside Kung Fu") on the Discovery Network, which were on in late February 2003. Both programs showed some truly amazing physical feats performed via the internal arts of the Chi. This again helped with my belief factor.

After performing my routine for another full week, I finally could feel my Chi and I could also control it. This happened for the 1st time during the Standing Meditation exercise. After standing for nearly 22-minutes, I noticed that my hands felt almost magnetic and that I had the ability to make the Chi attract or repel simply with my breathing. This new found sensation made all the difference in the world when I performed the organ balancing routine! I still have a long journey ahead of me, but in my opinion, this course really works!

Just have an open mind and put in the time and effort and the results will eventually follow.

Updated email from Dan April, 2003

These last two days, my Chi power has really taken a huge and unexpected leap!

When I do the standing meditation, I can create an energy ball the size of a giant beach ball. It is very difficult to squeeze it during the exhale. It feels similar to holding two powerful magnets in each hand that want to oppose each other. When I inhale, my fingers feel magnetically drawn towards each other and the pull is quite strong. I also notice a lot of natural circle movements taking place. For example, when I first start to build the energy ball, my hands seem to move in circles all on their own with no intent on my part. It almost feels like the experience you get when you played with wigi board for the first time as a kid. In any event, things are really clicking right now and I'm very pleased that I re-ordered the material after all these years. Let me know when you think I'm ready to take on other chi exercises to enhance my abilities.

Dan Ferrara, (MI)

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