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Find Out Why THOUSANDS of People, All Over The World Have Chosen to Use Mind Force Meditation: Mind Portal to Learn How To Meditate, and Begin The Process of OBE, Astral Projection & Remote Viewing.

Mind Portal- The Complete System

ďWARNING....The Closed Door Secrets of This Training Will Enable You to Do Things Most People Only Dream Of "!  

I've Packed So Much Quality Training, Powerful Information & Incredible Tools For You To Use With This System... This is a No Brainer If You Really Want To Become a Master of These Amazing Skills "- Al

(Write this date down, because it's the day your life changed forever!)


RE: How Meditation Can Lead To Some Really Cool Effects

From: A.Thomas Perhacs

Dear Mind Force Practitioner,

The process of how you get your body, mind and spirit to work together starts with learning how to deeply relax your body, then your mind and allowing your spirit to break free from the confinds of the body...

If you are like I was, you often wonder if you can really do these things...When I started out meditating, I wanted to experience this concept, yet I just couldn't do it...

As you read every word on this page, I want you to reflect on how this information can transform your life, starting today...And when I say that I really want you to go inward and even contemplate exactly how this material can affect you in a positve way, a way that will allow you to gain more control over your life...

"The Inside Secrets to Meditation, Remote Viewing & Projecting!" Discover the Keys to Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming and Extraordinary Sensing Abilities"

Imagine what it would be like if you could do some of the amazing things mentioned above?

How cool would it be?

If you could do these things, where would you go, what would you exeperience?

Now Imagine what it will be like, when you have the confidence that these skills are not only possible, but with my methods, will absolutely work for you!

When I wrote my first book and course, Mastery Through Meditation, I alluded to and explained very basically how to use meditative practices to increase your ability to project awareness outside of your body......

I get calls all the time for me to create a line of products that would accuratley explain the easiest ways to get the true mind, body, spirit connection.....The real Mind body connection is learning how to get as much control over your spirit and mental being as you can with the physical body.....

So, You Want To Learn How To Fly?

This could be very well what you are looking for....Can you remember a time when you were dreaming that you had the ability to fly with control....If you've ever done this, it is probably the most exhilarating feeling in the world.....I know it is only a dream.........Or is it?

When you sleep, your body gets to a total state of relaxation, which allows your mental and spiritual element to break free from the shell of the body.....When this occurs, you can then experience the fantastic world of Lucid Dreaming and recognizing when you're outside of your physical body.....

How would you like to learn how to do this, so you will remember every detail of when you are through the portal of the body and into worlds unknown?



"From My Experience With This Type of Highly Secretive Information, No Other Book, Audio, Video or System Even Comes Close to The Eye Opening, Mind Expanding Training in This Complete System..."

Ron Cordis, CA



It Comes Down To One Word->Relaxation

Not too long ago, I was like a lot of people who had tried meditation and were just not getting the results I desired...

I thought it was boring and wasn't doing anything...

That was until I met several mentors that taught me how to tap into the reservoir of my mind. Now, don't get wrong, it wasn't easy, but I started to get a handloe on how I could get my body relaxed enough to get this stuff to work....

The key is, until you get your body relaxed down, none of this will work for you...

I will show you in exact detail how to exactly do that. I will provide keys and resources to enable you to get this process to work for you magnificently...

You see, I didn't just create this stuff out of thin air. I researched it, and travelled anywhere I could to find out the many uses of Mind Force...Now, I coined the term "Mind Force", but it came to me in many different forms of instruction over the years...

I've trained with some of the top people and that's why I have the unique set of skills that I now possess. The very same skills I'll teach you, if you want to learn them...

These are just some of the unique concepts, methods and techniques I've learned over the years.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Just Some of What I've Mastered Over The Years...

Several Different Styles of Martial Arts (Kung Fu, Chinese Boxing, Kenpo)

Became an Instructor in the Highly Secretive and Esoteric Art of Chi Power Training (I'm now part owner of the worlds most highly sought after instructional courses on chi energy).

Mastered Hypnotic Influence and Covert Persuasion Skills In Under one (1) Year, and Wrote my first book and course shortly after.

Learned and Mastered the Skills of Remote Viewing and Astral Projection ( I know it is weird, but this stuff rocks!)

Re-Discovered How to Establish My Own Sensitivity as It Relates To Psychic Energy

Was Taught The Real Methods To the Secrets of "The Law of Attraction" ( I wrote my book Magneto, 4 years before "The Secret" even came out)

So, as you can see, I'm not some "wannabee" guy who copied someone's course and put their name on it. In fact alot of the courses out there are written by guys who don't even use their real name...I'm real and will prove it to you...

Any questions just call me on my personal mobile phone-> 609-638-8850

So I've studied with some really cool guys that know stuff that 95% of the population aren't even aware exists, and now I'm willng to share them with you...

Why would I do that?

Because if there is one thing I have learned over the years, and that is when you are a giver, you will attract more abundance in your life than ever before, and I'm all about abundance...

So, if you knew that by giving someone something of value that you would get twice, three times or 10 times that amount in value, would you give that up?

That is why I want you to have this information...


See What These Very Happy Customers Have To Say About My Products!

"Thank you so much!!! Just by skimming the book, I can already tell I got my moneys worth!!!! I can't wait to get started with it......Thank you again... " William W.

Order The Mind Force Library Today!

"I just want to say thanks for these products...

It is like I've been waiting my whole life for these techniques and I don't know if I'm ready, but I'm going to give it a try."




Access Your Wonderful Future Here...

"As far as I am concerned your products are right on target and will surely help any one that takes the time and believes that they will work.  I know from what I have done thus far that it has deffinately made a difference in my life."


Lucky Kruse, Florida


The Esoteric Secrets of The Mind Force Library Are Right Here...

""Is this a good value? holy crap! this is a great value. it is amazing! it has already enhanced my life, perception, and intent. It has also made my xing yi, bagua, and tai chi a hell of allot more meaningful and powerful and it has only been 2 days! thank you so much I cant wait to purchase more of your products. thank you so much!"


your friend and student Joseph Palermo, Ohio 


Get Results Today!


It's Probably More Than You Can Handle

There is only one reason I wrote Mind Portal and created the system to go along with it, and that was to teach you how to get your body relaxed enough, so you could do the following:

Focus On Goals & Objectives

Learn How To Integrate, The Mind, Body & Spirit

Begin The Process of Spiritual Awareness (Understanding That You Are a Spiritual Being)

Get Your Spirit to Easily and Effortlessly Leave The Body

Discover The Power of Lucid Dreaming

You Are a Spirit Living In a Physical World

One of the key concepts to this entire process, is that you will finally (if not known already) that you are truly a "Spiritual Being". That your spirit is an everlasting entitity and that the body is just "temporary housing" for the spirit...

This powerful concept allows you to gain access to parts of the mind and soul that 95% of the entire population will never even know...This process believe it or not, will get you even closer to God, once you understand that concept...

Mind Portal: Mind Force Meditation

It took me many years to not only learn how to do many of these things, but years to just to compile the information to make sure I was covering all the bases.

You can find highly detailed and complex courses on Astral Projection, Remote Viewing and other topics, that will take you a long time just to understand the concepts, let alone get them to work for you......With this book and CDs you are getting exactly what you need to get these concepts to work for you, and the best thing is that these methods have been used by thousands all over the world successfully...

With my new course, "Mind Portal", I show you the next level of techniques to use your energy with. The CDs go into some of the areas most requested by our clients and customers around the world.

Just Some of The Things You'll Learn.... 


Mastery Through Meditation

Lucid Dreaming

Remote Viewing & Sensing

Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences

3rd Eye Focusing Methods


And SO Much More...


Does Travelling With Power Interest You?

If you really want to learn how to travel with power, this is precisely the information you have been looking for.

Most people want the secrets of the chosen few, but rarely are they ready to put in the appropriate flight time to succeed. This is not a magic course, but a course that contains real methods to help you tap into that portion of yourself that many have forgotten after many years of being told what you can and can't do....Remember, nothing is possible unless YOU BELIEVE!

My goal here is simple........To enable you to be the best you can be in all areas of your life. I want to teach you how to become proficient with all of these amazing skills, so you can truly know the power of your mind body and spirit......

In this brand new (3) three CD course, I will show you exactly how you can:

Here's What YOU Get Inside "Mind Portal"

Training Manual

Mind Force Meditation-Mind Portal Manual

FORMAT: Instant PDF Access

This is the real deal...This is the manual that people have been talking about since I wrote the original Mastery Through Meditation back in 2000. Once I updated it with more information on how to maximize your meditations and increase your abilty to do spiritual travelling, OBEs, and Remote Viewing, I almost couldn't keep it in stock...

And That's Not All...When You Get This Course Today, I Am Giving You Access to My Two Other Mind Force books: See below for details.

Mind Force Attraction- Magneto-Yours FREE

Mind Force Meditation- Internal Power Centers- Yours FREE

These two books alone are worth the investment and I'm giving them to you as an added bonuse when you invest in Magneto!

Every page of this book contains secrets of the psychic process
Learn powerful techniques you can use as you design your own game plan
Learn how to harness the power of your own personal "Mind Stilling Technique"
Many diffferent techniques to learn how to tap into your psychic centers profoundly
All adds up to you getting these skills to work


And SO Much More...

Mind Portal Video #1

Mind Portal Fast Start Video

In this video, I'll explain to you exactly what you should do first with the training. I'll explain the process and how you can get a jump start to this amazing material...


Mind Portal Video #2

How to Create Your Own Guided Meditation Video

This one is easily worth the cost of the entire program (combined with the 20 audio sound files I've added)...Now you can pick which meditation sounds you prefer and create your own customer guided meditations.

If you hired me or my staff to do this for you, we would easily charge you $100 per track...

You're getting 20 audio files, the scripts to use and how to use them, as well as a software system that will allow you to create Meditation, Affirmation, even Remote Viewing sessions on the fly...


Mind Portal Video #3

How to Use Sounds, Feelings & Visualizations To Enhance The Experience

A key component to getting the Mind Portal process down is understanding your own personal representational system. In this detailed video & audio file, I show you how to determine which system you are in and how you can use it to do amazing techniques such as Remote Viewing, Astral Projecting & Total Relaxation Techniques.

You Also Get

MP3 File of The Video

PDF Document File of This Video



"Mind Portal" Audio Files

Training Modules #1-3

Mind Force Meditation: Mind Portal Audio Files

FORMAT: Instant Access Audio

In These audio files, you will find the most detailed instruction ever on how to gain the Internal Power skills you desire...Several hours of instruction insures you the maximum instruction in these esoteric skills.

Mind Portal Includes 3 CDs/MP3s of Instruction

I When I wrote "Mastery Through Meditation, I alluded to the concept of Remote Viewing, Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences.

These phenomenon are concepts understood by many that learn a meditative practice....

The question is how many actually become adept at getting these highly advanced techniques to work for them in a real way?

After several years, I created an updated version with much more detailed information on how to do Astral Travel, Remote Viewing and other sneaky skills.

I will tell you up front that the (3) CDs that come with the system are the key to getting this to work powerfuly, but I have included the manuscript/manual in this promotion to give you some ideas how to get these concepts to work effectively...

With my book, "Mind Portal", I show you the next level of techniques to use your energy with. The CDs go into some of the areas most requested by our clients and customers around the world.

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn...

How to meditate properly and find out how to increase the power of your mind.

Act with certainty on how to create good new habits and get rid of old bad habits.

Programming the mind for success through meditation

Learn the hidden keys to true visualization skills

Activating the 3rd Eye Center for increased ability to "See" and "Know".

Harness the ability to gently lift your spirit out of your body

Over 15 different ways to get outside of your physical awareness

Shifting consciousness to propel you new worlds of comprehension

The little known methods of how to control your dreams and become truly "Lucid" in those dreams.

Bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual

Learn the very secret methods of Remote Viewing that are rarely taught outside of certain groups

Increase your sensitivity skills to maximize your ability to read others feelings, thoughts and intentions.

Self Image programming that works like a charm

Creating and using a Chi Power Voice

Magnetic attraction concepts

And so much more thought provoking material to increase your abilities exponentially

Like all of my books, this one is unique........It covers material not covered in any of my other books.....Material until recently was only given out to my very best clients and students....

And SO Much More...

Special Limited Time Product Inclusion

Meditation Sounds #1-20

Mind Force Meditation: Mind Portal Customizable Audio Files For Meditation

*Please Note, That It's My Intention to Sell These Audio Files for $9.95 Each Very Soon, and $29.95 for The Subliminal Files, So I Might Remove This From The System At Anytime, So Act Now To Get All The Audios Included With Your Order...This Limited Time Inclusion, Has a Future Value of Close to $250. Today, It's Yours For The Taking... ...

FORMAT: Instant Access Audio MP3 Download (20 Hours)

No matter what sounds you like to meditate to, I've got one to put you in an excellent and tranquil state...

Each audio runs approximately 60 mins, and you can use it for any aspect of your meditation practice. Use the video on how to create your own guided meditations and you have what I've paid hundreds of dollars for in the past...

Even at $5 per track, your looking at $100, and I'm providing these with the training. The cost to produce these files was a painstaking process of editing and remixing the sound elements...

The Subliminal Files alone are worth at least $30 each, and now you get all 20 MP3s.

You won't find a better system anywhere at any price.

The Environmental Series of Meditation Sounds

Tropical Ocean Surf


Tranquility Falls


Sunset Beach

Storming The Tropics

Peacefull Water

Oasis at Midnight

Jungle Sounds

Heavy Rain

Forest Mood

Environmental Landscape

Crackling Fire

Autumn Forest

The Inter-Dimensional Series of Audio Sounds


Energetic Compression



Mind Portal


Subliminal Series of Audio Sounds

Theta Extended Deep Relax


Sub-Delta Session


As you can see, I'm delivering more to you than any other Esoteric Meditation System.

I'll even show you how to set up the files to be recorded with your very own voice for the guided meditation process...I wish I had this when I got stared. Would have saved me a lot of time and effort.

$240 Future Value - Included In Your Order Today


Get Valuable Bonuses FREE By
Taking Action Today

Bonus #1

Mind Force Psychic Power: Internal Power Centers

Internal Power Centers
FORMAT: Instant Access PDF Report

When I released this book in the Fall of 2007, my clients couldn't believe I kept this manuscript secret for so long...

A manual worth its weigh in gold of all of the esoteric and unique skills you will learn with this. From psychic energy to healing, energy vampires, precognition, etc. This book is a gem and worth a ton.

$47 Value - Yours FREE today

Bonus #2

Mind Force Attraction: The Magneto Method Manual

Mind Force Attraction: The Magneto Method Manual
FORMAT:Instant Access PDF Report

Want to learn how to attract what ever you desire? This "secrets" manual shows you exactly how to do it. I wrote this book and it has been a best seller for years as a result.

$27 Value - Yours FREE today

Bonus #3

The Guide To Lucid Dreaming


The Guide to Lucid Dreaming
FORMAT:Instant Access PDF Report

Excellent manuscript on how to get better access to your Lucid Dreams. I sell this online for $27, yours FREE when you get the Mind Portal System.

$27 Value - Yours FREE today


Bonus #4

The CIA Remote Viewing Manual

The CIA Remote Viewing Manual
FORMAT:Instant Access PDF Report

Since this is a Government document, it is in the "Public Domain". The key concepts you'll learn from this is that the government has teams like this set up to retrive intel...The Russians have been doing it for years, now you get to see the US Governments actual documents.

Public Domain- Yours today as part of the Mind Portal System

Bonus #5

Understanding The Power of Your Dreams (1,000 Dreams Interpreted)

The wife of a captain who has gone out to the Indian mutiny sees one night her husband standing before her with his hands pressed to his breast, and a look of suffering on his face. The agitation that she feels convinces her that he is either killed or badly wounded.

It was November 14th. The War Office subsequently publishes his death as having taken place on November 15th. She endeavors to have the true date ascertained. The War Office was wrong. He died on the 14th.

``A child six years old stops in the middle of his play and cries out, frightened: ``Mamma, I have seen Mamma.'' At that moment his mother was dying far away from him

``A young girl at a ball stops short in the middle of a dance and cries, bursting into tears. `My father is dead; I have just seen him.' At that moment her father died. She did not even know he was ill.

``All these things present themselves to us as indicating not physiological operations of one brain acting on another, but psychic actions of spirit upon spirit. We feel that they indicate to us some power unknown.

This is the power dreams have over our life. They can shape and mold our future in all sorts of ways, and by harnessing that power we end up changing our lives for the better.

Understanding the Power of Your Dreams
FORMAT:Instant Access PDF Report

$27 Value - Yours FREE today

Bonus #6

The Meditation Guide

This simple guide will provide more information on different styles of meditation and how you can use them to enhance your life...

The Meditation Guide
FORMAT:Instant Access PDF Report

$27 Value - Yours FREE today as part of the MIND PORTAL System.

Bonus #7

Bonus Books: Timeless Classics

Now these bonuses, I can't sell to you, but I can offer them to you under "fair use" copyright law. These bonuses alone are worth the entire cost of this very special limited time promotion (just check Amazon.com, if you think I'm kidding).

Think and Grow Rich: What can I say other than this is one of the books that truly made a major impact on my success in life. This one, you will want to read over and over, because it has so much valuable information that is priceless!

The Science of Getting Rich: Another common sense guide to put yourself on the road to riches. This books was written in 1910, but the concepts still work in the 21st Century.

The Richest Man in Babylon: Here you have a guide to teach you how to handle your money properly. Told in a very easy to read narrative, this is another time-less classic you should not be without.

Sun Tzu's Art of War: The Ultimate Strategy guide. Can be used for business or any areas of your life. Remember the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen? This was the book, Gordon Gecko (Douglas) suggested Bud (Sheen) read on how to become a major player in business.

Wow! I think you'll agree, this is an exceptional "fountain of knowledge" for you to take advantage of.


Let's Recap Everything You Get

The Complete "Mind Portal System"


3 Training Videos


20 Special Meditation Audio Files


Internal Power Centers Manual


Magneto Manual


CIA Manual

Public Domain

Lucid Dreaming Guide


Interpreting Dreams Guide


Meditation Guide


Bonus Set of Books


Total Real World Value


You Save $441!




In less than 5 minutes, you can have complete access to the famous Mind Portal System, all of the bonus items, for Only...

Click Here To Grab Your Risk-Free Copy Of Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal Today!


Why Would I Give You Over $500
Worth of Products For Only $77

Because I know once you experience the value and the power of these techniques, you'll be back to get my total Mind Force Master System...

Remember "Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal" is
NOT sold in any store

This information is far too rare and valuable to be carried by any retail store. "Mind Portal" is ONLY available direct from me here on this website.  We donít want this info in the public, that is the entire point. Thatís what gives us and our customers such an unfair advantage over our competitors.

This Product Is Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back!

I am so sure of your success with this program I guarantee it 3 times in 3 different ways.

Guarantee #1 If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with "Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal" even I you donít like the color of the cover or the roughness of my voice on the recordings just send me a personal email at the end of 90 days for a full, prompt refund and I will insist you keep all my bonus gifts for you FREE just for giving "Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal" an honest evaluation. Fair enough? Thereís moreÖ

Guarantee #2 Simply implement just ONE of the strategies inside "Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal"  and If you donít receive at least TEN TIMES your investment in the course I will personally work with you one-on-one until we reach this goal together. If for some reason I fail (and I wonít) I will gladly reach into my own pocket and buy "Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal" back from you for $47.

Guarantee #3 Implement ALL the strategies inside "Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal"  if you donít see an improvement in your ability to focus on attracting what you want in life, I will provide access for an additional month in my Mind Force Syndicate membership program. In order to take advantage of this, you mus prove to me that you are in fact using all the techniques and strategies in this course

Only 321 Copies Of "Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal"
Will Be Released In This Promotion Period

This Is a True Limited Time Offer

I only plan to offer "Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal" to a small group of beta testers at the insanely low $77 price point . Why, because my real goal here is not to make money, itís to make connections. As I mentioned before, I'm going to take the 20 Special Meditation audio files and sell them for $9.95 a piece, so you are at the right place at the right time...

I will to offer "Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal" for $200+ once I have all the testimonials I need and find some joint venture partners who wish to promote this course themselves.

The good news for you as a beta tester is you will get to ask questions and offer feedback that will be used to shape the final version months before it hits the market.

Can You Keep These Secrets
"Just Between Us"

         Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement

Because of the rarity and value of the information inside "Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal" and because of the benefits and unfair advantage that it gives to my few clients that have it.  I must insist that you agree to full confidentiality and non-disclosure or the information. This is NOT negotiable and you cannot access "Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal" at any price without agreeing to this one condition.

YES, I agree to not share any of the proprietary information from "Mind Force Meditation, Mind Portal" with anyone other than my employees or immediate family members. I realize that this is sensitive information and a big part of what makes it work is itís limited availability. I promise to keep your secrets. Please let me in.


Claim Your Copy of "Mind Force Meditation: Mind Portal"
Right Now for Just $77

YES A.Thomas, I want in! Please let me. I want to "Mind Force Meditation, Internal Power Centers" Please Give me INSTANT access to this law of attraction knowledge right now. I understand I'll get...

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  to: The complete $97 "Mind Force Meditation, Internal Power Centers System"

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  The "Mind Force Meditation, Internal Power Centers" Manual

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  The Complete $27 Mind Portal Manual by A.Thomas Perhacs

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  The Complete $27 Magneto Manual by A.Thomas Perhacs

     INSTANT ACCESS  All of the video files, and bonus MP3 Audio Files (While Supplies Last)

  •   INSTANT ACCESS  All Bonuse Books & Manuals

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  Video Tutorials, Reviews, Tips, Tricks and Tactics

  • Plus Tons More

PLUS: You get upgrades for life, anytime I decide to add a video, audio file or manuscript at no additional charge ($197 future value).

Your entire package is waiting for you to claim it. Just $77 gets you instant digital access so you can start attracting your desires today

Have your credit card handy and click the happy orange button below.


(Electronic Version)

(Immediate Electronic Download)

$77 for Electronic Version which includes, books, mp3 files & bonus items




I'm giving you the secrets that would normally take you years just to compile...Here it is right at your finger tips...Each of these manuals cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars to learn in terms of time, effort, and all the money I spent on mentors and travelling where ever I had to to get this information...

This can be yours...

This is a great chance for you to get all of these phenomenal skills and instruction that might otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars, and I've put it together in a format that is easy to read and follow...


Best of success,

A. Thomas Perhacs, Creator of "Mind Portal"

P.S. Once you get this to work for you, you will have the skills to attack any problem with ease and confidence. I envy your future...

P.P.S. And remember, you have 60 days to try the product out. If you don't get results, simply contact us for a hassle free refund!

P.P.P.S. Please remember that the price could be going back up to $97, so if you are interested, order today, you'll be glad you did!




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