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One Step Acupressure Method Revealed: Now You Can Cure Most Common Ailments With a Touch!

Introducing: Acupressure Points for Healing Posters and Instruction

These Sure Fire Methods will Enable You To Learn The Methods of The Healing Masters.....

What you will discover in this easy to learn acupressure program is the power of healing with your very own hands.

Dear Friend,

Have you or a love one ever had an ailment that you wanted to get rid of but were having a hard time doing so?

How about a headache or back pain?

My wife has been in several car accidents, including getting run over by a Mack Truck when she was pregnant with our first son, and for years, I looked for a way to bring some measure of help to her ailments...

We are not into drugs, so that was out of the question, but what we discovered is that there is a power and it is called acupressure, and it is designed to allow you to use your very own hands to heal common aches and pains...

Once we discovered this powerful remedy, my wife found something that could assist her in her time of need. Today, she does everything like any normal woman does, including working out several times per week...

The miracle of healing is in the hands...

Once you know how to use them!

With our Chi Power Plus course, you start to learn the basics of how to generate massive amounts of energy to use it for manipulation and healing. With our Acupressure Points program, you can continue your training with these powerful methods of instruction.

Even the terrible backache or knee ache can be cured with a few simple treatments. No drugs, surgery, needles, or ice are used. This is the very latest technology in medical treatment. It is not the same as ordinary acupressure that relies on meridians.

This method works every time on everyone. There is nothing more effective anywhere at any cost! And it can be used anywhere. No special equipment required. This, too, is your vital lifetime knowledge for pain free survival.

Discover how you can use these very potent pressure points for healing different types of problems, such as...

Basic Directions
How to stop pain, swelling, bruising on bumps and strains
How to remove sinus headaches & congestion
How to remove a migraine headache
Pressure Points for Protection & Self-Defense
Shoulder Pain
Chest Muscle Pain
Neck Muscle Problems
Upper Backache
Lower Backache & Sciatic Pain
Menstrual Cramps, Pain in Groin
Cramps or Pain in the Arms
Elbow Pain (Tennis Elbow)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Stiff or Painful Fingers
Cramps/Pains in the Legs
Knee Pain
Stiff or Painful Arthritic Feet and Toes
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Relief of Pain from Hemorrhoids
Hard Contact Sports
Chinese & American Splits
Common Household Remedies

What you receive with this wonderful program is (2) beautifu posters that show all of the pressure points in detail.

The first poster is our pressure points poster of the body.

The second poster is a close up poster of the head, so you can hone in on the areas of the head for healing migraine and other headache areas.


You will also receive an instruction booklet as well as a CD that covers all areas of healing with pressure points. This valuable information will be at your fingertips anytime you need to use it for yourself or a loved one.

It's Like Having A Recipe Book For Healing!

You Get The Following:

(2) Full Color Acupressure PointsPosters

(1) Instruction Booklet

(1) Instruction CD

You will have this wonderful lifetimes worth of knowledge for the very low price of only $29 plus shipping!

Here's how to order right now!



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Yes! I want to have acces to this fantastic Healing Technology. I believe Acupressure might be exactly what I have been searching for.

After going through the Acupressure Charts and Instructions, I understand as the months and years from this day forward progress into the future, I am going to multiply and increase my Healing powers

I think it is commendable that you offer a 90 day money back guarantee. I know that if I don’t like the program, I can ask for my money back within 90 days and you’ll return it to me – no hard feelings!

On that basis, please send me The Acupressure Charts & Instructions!

Here’s my ordering information:

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Here's how to order right now!

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