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Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power
Generating Chi Power


Generating Internal Energy
Generating Internal Energy
Generating Internal Energy
Generating Internal Energy
Generating Internal Energy
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Generating Internal Energy
Generating Internal Energy
Generating Internal Energy

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Chi Power Magnets

You Can Now Get e-Chi Power Plus with Your Magnet Order at a 50% Savings......SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS

“Now You Can Turbo Charge Your Chi Energy Substantially With The Use of These Mind Blowing Technologies"! 

In fact, We’ll show you how you can learn these powerful skills from the comfort of your own home. You will now have complete access to the most amazing concepts, methods and tactics. You don't have to fly to China or Japan or pay thousands of dollars to a so called Qi Gong "Master" You can stay home and follow our training to:

Energize & Magnetize Your Chi Like Crazy!!!

Turbo Charge your Chi workouts with an extremely powerful magnetic Yin field. The new SPC-USA Chi-Power Magnets are here.

"It's like putting your Chi on steroids except there are only positive health benefits".

These Chi Power Magnets will allow you to feel your Chi Energy more intensely as well as give you the ability to build up and store incredible amounts of Chi Energy....

As a matter of fact, some of the most famous Chi Gong and Internal Martial Artists are hopping mad that we let this cat out of the bag! They're afraid they might lose the advantage and don't won't their competition to get a leg up...

This is absolutely the best value on these highly guarded methods of Chi Energy Cultivation.....

These Chi Power Magnets are 3 times stronger and the instruction is 10 times better than other Chi Energy Magnets sold on the Net and elsewhere....

Not only are the magnets "Super Potent", but we offer some of the best Instruction on how to ramp up your Chi Energy that you can find anywhere. Period.....

The more you evaluate this offer, the more you will see that.....

This is Exactly What You Have Been Searching For........

Amazing Secrets of True Internal Energy & Vitality
This Could be Your Lucky Day when you take advantage of this very special offer!!

There is so much information here, that you will be amazed at how easily you'll pick up these cutting edge concepts, methods and strategies.

Dear Seeker of Knowledge,

As you sit there and start to read these words, you will have a feeling of excitement come over you as you realize that you have an opportunity right in front of you to get information that until recent time has been highly guarded and secretive....

When you study every word of this information you will be stunned at what you'll learn... Spend 5 minutes reading this info and We'll show you some things that you will see have a tremendous amount of value .

What I am about to tell you is absolutely true. If you believe me, you will be greatly rewarded for the rest of your life. If you don’t believe me….I’ll make it worth your while to change your mind. Let me explain.

As you read each word of this, you’ll begin to naturally experience the value of this, you’ll actually find yourself becoming excited about taking action to change your life, and being able to get the health, vitality and power that you have always desired......

You’ve already taken the first step to understanding this unique knowledge by reading this.

After reading this, you may find yourself being able to get really excited about this. This information will truly allow you to experience the complete and total value of what this has to offer, so you can consider yourself lucky……..

Magnetize Your Energy Like a Dynamo

Yes, you can make your body much more bioelectrically conductive by simply using these incredibly powerful magnets. How does it work? The scientific research indicates that strong magnetic fields can positively change the properties of water molecules giving them a type of "Living liquid energy". The human blood is 90% water and is filled with a variety of electro-conductive minerals (copper, zinc, magnesium, sodium, potassium, manganese, iron, etc).

This is exactly how bioelectricity or Chi is generated within your body. When you expose the major Chi meridians of the palms and feet to a powerful Yin magnetic field, the water molecule (H2O) is re-arranged allowing your body to efficiently break down these electro-conductive minerals freeing them to conduct ions throughout the energy pathways of your body. Almost everyone knows that waving a magnet over a wire creates an electric current. This is exactly how all electric generators work. They simply spin powerful magnets around coils of copper wire.

Now, consider that your blood is constantly moving and circulating throughout your body. When the electro-conductive minerals in your blood stream pass over a specific yet powerful magnetic field through the constant pumping action of your heart, wouldn't this obviously generate a mild bioelectric current resulting in an increase in your Chi-strength? Our experience with these magnets says "YES"!

We receive Yang energy from the Sun through solar radiation and we receive Yin energy from the Earth through it's magnetic field. When the first astronauts returned from space, they were extremely sick and weak. It was determined that a lack of magnetism was the cause. Now, all space suits contain special magnets to prevent this. Over the last 1000-years, the strength of the Earth's magnetic field has decreased by 50% or more. At the same time, the hole in the Ozone layer has grown larger and larger allowing more and more Yang energy through as time progressed. The increase in skin cancer cases and global warming provide only partial evidence of this harmful Yin & Yang imbalance.

The SPC-USA Chi-Power Magnets are approximately 24,000 stronger than the Earth's magnetic field. You are not going to find magnets like this at your local hardware store.

When you use these powerful magnets as directed, you will change your entire energy map and begin to accumulate and internalize Chi to truly unbelievable levels. Here's what a recent practitioner told us over the phone.......

"After using the Chi-Power magnets for only 3 weeks, the energy ball between my hands became so strong that I could hardly squeeze them together. I couldn't believe it." "The Micro & Macro Cosmic orbit exercise feels incredible with these Chi-Power magnets. I can not believe the difference. I would have paid a lot more if I knew it would feel like this".

Please understand that the magnets will not give you any special abilities, you still have to train for that to occur. However, we believe that actually experiencing and strengthening your Chi-Energy through this special magnetic training will certainly change your belief factor and that is more than half of the battle.

"For what the Mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve".

While speaking with someone on the phone the other day he said that he paid over $3,000 to personally study with a Qi Gong "Master" and he thought he was doing pretty good. Now, he just wished he would have found us sooner. So he could not only save money, but get the real deal along with complete training information without the tremendous expense......

When you order these magnets today, you will get the following:

(2) Chi Power Disk Magnets with a 1 1/2-inch diameter for the Bubbling Springs meridian of the feet. Take your standing meditations to a new level with these super chi generating magnets.....

(2) 1-inch diameter Chi Power Disk Magnets for the Palms. Use these palm magnets with your standing, sitting and lying down meditation to super charge the energy.

With a Magnetic Orientation Specifically Designed for Chi Power Training: All 4 are nickel plated with a Gauss strength 24,000 times stronger than the Earths magnetic field. These (4) magnets are some of the most powerful magnets you will ever touch.....They give off a force field of incredible dimensions....Watch out though, because they are super strong and will cause your energy to increase like a dynamo......

Chi Power Magnets Instructions: Complete training instructions for proper usage along with the supporting background information.

When you order this today, I am going to throw in some bonuses that are going to blow your mind.

Bonus #1

Bonus Report "Secrets of Internal Energy". Over 60 pages of fantastic information on building up your Internal Energy....For a free sneak peak at the quality of this information, click here for a look at this manuscript....

Bonus #2

Bonus Report on using Chi for personal magnetism and influence over others. Take the physical magnetic chi energy you are learning to build and combine it with magnetic mental energy to create an unbeatable combination....

All this for just $147

That's right, if you had to get all of this great instruction and information it could cost you thousands of dollars and here you have the best for the low price of $147. We also have (2) two other exciting ordering options if you have never purchased from us before.

Order today and you will be glad you made the decision to invest in yourself to be able to experience the excitement that life has to offer when you are at the top of your game and can naturally and effectively increase your internal energy to use in all areas of your life, whether it be martial arts, sports, or other types of endeavors.

I'm so confident that you'll like the results you are going to get, I am willing to back it up with a full 90 day money back guarantee.

Whether you buy this right now, or decide to order it later, I want to wish you the best of luck in all you do. I know if you pull the trigger on this wonderful offer you will be amazed at the amount of quality in these magnets as well as the superior instruction you will be receiving.....


Daniel Freeman

Daniel Freeman

P.S. Just think, you can't go wrong because 2 out of every 3 visitors buy these product because of the immense value they contains. Click the Button Below and order this now

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STANDARD DOMESTIC CHI POWER MAGNETS $147.00+$2 (Shipping & Handling)

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These magnets are extremely powerful and should be kept away from Computers, Monitors, credit cards, VHS Tapes, Audio Cassettes or any other item that is sensitive to magnetic fields. Pregnant Women and people with heart conditions (especially if you have a pace maker) should not use this or any other magnetic product. Always keep these magnets away from children and always handle with great care. They are very strong and the attractive force of two or more magnets can easily pinch or smash a finger if you are not careful. It has happened to us and it does not feel good, so always hold them with a tight grip. 

Scientific Premium Company-USA and Daniel Freeman CAN ACCEPT NO LIABILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. 



Accept no substitutions, this is what you have been looking for!

Any questions?  Click Here we will be happy to help.

Chi Power Magnets are the perfect complement to your Chi Power Training program is what a training method should have...... and much, much more!!!



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